Collection: Holiday Shop

It's our favorite time of year and we have festive crafts and gifts for you and your loved ones. There's something about wood that comes alive during the holiday season. It's raw, natural, cozy, fragrant, lasting and puts you in the jolly mood! Get together with family and friends with an ornament kit to add color and Christmas spirit to your tree.

"Why shouldn't a Christmas tree be a place to express one's love for boba? These are brilliant. They look great and are very sturdy."
- ADAM -

"Really enjoyed this woodcut out. They’re not meant to be painted, but I had no issues with coloring it with markers. The pieces aren’t super secure when inserted so are a little wobbly, but I don’t mind much because I assume trying to make it a tighter fit would make it harder to assemble. Looking forward to collecting new holiday designs every year."