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Holiday Gratitude Tree Kit

Holiday Gratitude Tree Kit

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Gratitude Ornaments
Need a Round Base?

Practicing gratitude has so many benefits, and the holidays is a great time to reflect on what we're thankful for. It can be a busy time of year and our festive Gratitude Tree Kit can help to slow down and focus on what's important. Practice gratitude solo or with family, or gift it to someone who'd love a mindful Christmas. Use our colorful ornaments to write down what there is to be grateful for, hang them on the tree over time and see what positivity it brings!

-12.5"H lasercut wood tree
-6" round base (Optional—Tree is self-standing without one)
-Gratitude prompts and instructions
-30 pre-strung ornaments in assorted colors, 1.75" diameter

-Use the paper ornaments to write down things or moments of gratitude
-Let our gratitude prompts help or use your own from your practice
-How often is up to you! Add ornaments to the tree daily like an advent calendar, or get together with family and make a game of it—make it your own

Our holiday tree is designed to be self-standing, easily assembled and stored away neatly when not in use. It's meant to last even after the activity is done. Use it as home decor, for play, paint it, or store it away flat until the next holidays.

-Tree is lasercut birch wood, 1/8" thick, raw and sanded smooth
-Tree is self-standing and does not require the base to stand
-Every tree will have slight variations, due to the natural textures and patterns of wood
-Ornaments are papercut assorted cardstock, ready to hang

We continue our quest to spread positivity with our wood creations. We created this kit to focus on the important aspects of the holidays. Especially with 2 young kids, Christmas can be about presents and wishlists. We wanted to find ways to balance getting things and appreciating what one already has. We hope that by being mindful, we can appreciate many different kinds of "gifts" in our lives.



-1/8" thick laser cut Birch wood; raw and sanded smooth
-Every wooden piece will have slight variations due to the natural textures of wood
-Paper ornaments
-Ornament string


-9"W x 12 1/2"H tree
-6" round base
-1 3/4" round ornaments

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